Olive Oil Soap Artisans

About Us

Olive Oil Artisans is one of the few soap makers in Australia using traditional methods to create pure olive oil hard bar soap. Our formula is unique and using a “cold soap making process” our soap retains all its natural glycerine.

We are very careful and selective about adding further ingredients to our soaps. Only quality essential oils are used to produce luxury soap. These ingredients are selected for their reputed benefit to the skin as well as the aromatherapy benefits impacting emotional and physical well-being.

Every cake of soap is made with the purpose of creating a pleasurable, nurturing experience. The most sought after quality of pure olive oil soap is how it makes your skin feel.

What People Say

“I am very particular about the soap I use and this is the best I have ever tried.”


“It really lasts a long time, it just goes on and on.”


“The fragrance is so nice, I like to keep it in my bathroom for a while before I use it.”