Article - What’s the secret to maintaining natural, perfect skin?

April 25, 2017

Article - What’s the secret to maintaining natural, perfect skin?

*What’s the secret to maintaining natural, perfect skin? Well there isn’t just one way to do it, there’s 5!*    61-02-4998-8359
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*Don’t skip on YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP*

A good night’s sleep counteracts stress, tops up your energy banks, and it relaxes your muscles and your skin!  Relaxed skin allows for better blood circulation.  You can get away with 6 or so hours of sleep once in a while but eight hours of sleep is best!

*A little SUN is good! … Too much is not!*

A measured amount of sunshine will provide your skin with the vital vitamin D it needs … but too much sun can cause irreparable damage due to over exposure to UV radiation causing premature over-aging. Remember sunburn is cumulative! There are, however, other benefits to sunshine. The right amount of UVB rays actually enhance skin barrier functions. It can help in relieving fibromyalgia pain. Treating skin diseases, such as psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, and scleroderma.  If you do go out in the sun for prolonged periods make sure you use sun screen! 

*Be aware of what ‘your’ skin needs*

Find out what type of skin you have?  Your skin is not the same as anyone else’s, so you should do your own research into natural substances that work for you!  There is only one YOU!  Follow a routine using products you like and note how they affect your skin.  Keep notes on the reactions and results you get!  A glowing skin will reward your efforts!  There are 7 skin types: Normal, Oily, Combination, Sensitive, Dry, Aging and Irritated Dry Skin.


Once in while treat yourself!  Have a stress relieving massage or a facial. A facial will open the pores and cleanse the skin and keep it fresh!

*What YOU EAT today shows up IN YOUR skin tomorrow*

As they say, garbage-in, garbage-out!  And guess where it shows up? … In your skin!

The previous advice is good but if you don’t watch what you put in your mouth you will end up with unwanted consequences.  And then you will have to work harder to turn it all around!  Eat natural foods, fresh vegetables, fruits, some carbohydrates, some fats, plant based proteins, and clean fresh alkaline water.  Restrict your intake of sugars, dairy products and meat proteins.  Attaining clear and flawless skin may be a struggle but …. aren’t you worth it!

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OR Natural Skin Care Solutions. Laguna, NSW Australia.

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