Dry Skin for the Mature Person

August 15, 2017

Dry Skin for the Mature Person

Dry Skin for the Mature Person

As we age water loss is increased via the skin (trans-epidermal) and this leads to dry skin and reduced skin barrier function.

Dry skin is often itchy and prone to dermatitis and eczema.  Also dry skin is typically worse in the winter months.  It must be said that dry, itchy skin in winter is not just experienced by the mature customers of OR Natural Skin Care that have sensitive skin conditions.  In some instances parents come to us seeking something that will help the dry skin of their children during winter.  Hot baths can also increase dryness!

The best advice for this condition is to use emollients (which hydrate and soften the skin) and to avoid products that irritate the skin, e.g. palm oil soap; the goal is to improve skin health.

People experiencing skin rash or injury, e.g. skin tears, should seek help for this to reduce the risk of complications developing.

Self-awareness of dry skin as we age means it is important to develop good skin hygiene routines; a gentle cleanse followed with a natural moisturizer.

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