Eye Infections and Blepharitis

September 26, 2017

Eye Infections and Blepharitis

Eye Infections and Blepharitis

When a customer asked for advice on how to manage her recurring eye infections, I smiled at my fellow traveller through a life with problem eyes!

As a small child I suffered constantly with conjunctivitis and as an adult, had lumpy inflamed eyes, the occasional sty and never left the house without my sunglasses.  I was diagnosed with Blepharitis.  Symptoms include:

  • feeling that something is in your eye
  • itchy or burning eyes and eyelids
  • the edge of your eyelids are red and maybe swollen
  • watery eyes
  • sensitivity to sun light
  • crusty or sticky eyelashes, especially in the morning
  • loss of eyelashes

On top of these symptoms I sadly developed and allergy to eye drops used in treating the symptoms of blepharitis.  With these problems I took the decision to never wear contact lenses, never wear mascara and the current fashion of false eyelashes was not even considered.

The cause of blepharitis is largely due to bacteria or the over-abundance of flora and fauna around the eyes.

With some simple changes I now have relatively healthy eyes, regularly wear basic eye makeup and rarely have a flare up of symptoms.

My eye health regime involves:

  • Actively washing my eyes, with particular emphasis around the lashes. I use handmade olive oil soap with goats’ milk, this is both very gentle and results in a thorough cleanse. I take care not to get the soap in my eyes.  This in itself is sufficient to maintain good eye health 95% of the time!
  • On the few occasions I have a flare up of symptoms, I flush my eyes with single use tubes of saline drops (sterile, and preservative free) and wipe each eye individually with sterile eye wipes. These products are readily available from most pharmacies.
  • Always wary of what a manufacturer lists on their product labels.  Fragrances, preservatives and other harsh chemicals will irritate and damage the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Managing blepharitis is all about constant and disciplined cleansing of your eyes with organic 'natural' skin care products.

Remember … Natural is Best!
   See Step 5: It's Your Choice
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