Grover Disease

July 22, 2017

Grover Disease

Grover Disease

The glorious sunshine and heat of Australia, also offers a number of risks. One of the customers of OR Natural asked us to research this condition for him.

Grover Disease (also known as transient acantholytic dermatosis) causes a rash due to floating skin cells that have lost normal cell-to-cell connections.

The condition, although rare, is most often experienced by older men over 50. It is less common in women or younger people. It is common in those who are unwell in some way, but can arise in quite healthy people as well.

The cause of Grover disease is unknown. Sometimes, it follows sweating or some unexpected heat stress, so there has been suspicion that it may relate to sweat or sweat ducts. But it also may arise in quite dry skin. Many affected individuals are sun damaged.

As the typical sufferer of Grover Disease is older men, the best prevention is to keep your skin clean and cool. Wear garments designed to prevent or reduce sweating and to take precautions during exposure to the sun.

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