Natural is Best!

July 29, 2017

Natural is Best!

Natural Skin Care – Olive Oil Soap

We live in a world where we are exposed to chemicals and pollutants.  These include car exhaust, chlorine and fluoride just to name a few.  Our skin is porous and will absorb whatever it comes in contact with!  This is how nicotine and pain management patches work when placed on our bodies.  The substance in a patch is absorbed into the body’s blood stream via the skin! 

So, when you purchase your next skin care product be it natural soap, lotions, creams or balms, it’s always wise to review the ingredients contained within before you purchase.

Remember ... Natural is Best!

OR Natural specializes in Handmade Olive Oil Soaps!

Natural Handmade Olive Oil Soaps: Get some here!   61-02-4998-8359
OR Natural Skin Care Solutions. Laguna, NSW Australia.  61-02-4998-8359

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