Handmade olive oil soap

July 20, 2017

Handmade olive oil soap

Handmade Olive Oil Soap 

Olive oil soap, known as Castile, was named after the region in Spain where it was first used.  Olive oil soap has been renowned for centuries and was originally reserved for Royalty or those that could afford it.  Olive oil soap is the king of soaps!

All soaps leave a film on the skin and this film depending on the oil/fat it is made from can either irritate or nurture the skin.  The film left behind by olive oil soap attracts and retains moisture on the skin making it not only a cleanser but a moisturizer as well.  Suitable for the most sensitive skins, including babies, it is pure luxury!

Get some here: Handmade Olive Oil Soap
OR Natural Skin Care Solutions. Laguna, NSW Australia. 

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