This Article Discusses "Do Creams Work?"

April 13, 2017

This Article Discusses "Do Creams Work?"

This Article Discusses "Do Creams Work?"    61-02-4998-8359

There are lots of claims made about different creams. The cosmetic industry is full of promises that in many cases are not delivered. We all dream of the magic potion that will somehow make us more attractive and more youthful than we are.

Most creams will help make the skin appear more supple and healthy however there are no regulations to ensure cosmetic creams are safe and healthy. The responsibility for this rests on the manufacturer. Equally the responsibility for making realistic claims about products also rests with the manufacturer.

So how do creams work? Let’s talk about the face, a cream should contain ingredients that are beneficial to skin health and in applying it, the cream is absorbed into our skin making the skin more supple, healthy and hopefully resilient.  Many creams reduce the signs of aging by slightly plumping the skin. Good skin care is very important.

Sadly many Australians have dry, damaged and aged skin, the results of time spent in our harsh conditions or perhaps too much sun bathing when we were young. It is not really possible to reverse this damage but good skin care can help transform dry and damaged skin into the best condition that can be achieved.

We all feel just a little bit immortal when we are young, getting old, damaging our skin or having skin problems as we get older is not really considered when we are young. Yet this is the most important time to start good skin care and the use of a good moisturising cream.

Good skin care early in our life and a good daily routine with a moisturizing cream, will result in us looking years younger as time goes by, in looking healthier and in feeling more self-confident.  It can be very confusing when reading the ingredients of creams, many scientific terms are used, sometimes these relate to natural ingredients but sometimes they are describing chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

To be sure that the cream you use is safe and healthy, research your ingredients. Our experience has shown that natural is best.

The fountain of youth can best be described as good skin care.

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