*Zeolite -- An exfoliant and detoxifier*

April 26, 2017

*Zeolite  --  An exfoliant and detoxifier*

*Zeolite  --  An exfoliant and detoxifier*

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*Zeolite* is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral.  Its crystalline structure and negative charge adsorbs heavy metals which makes it a very useful natural material to cleanse with.  In powdered form dissolved in water it is taken internally to detoxify the body and externally as a soap additive to remove heavy metals from hands and body to provide a deep cleanse.  In various nuclear facilities it is used to wash uniforms to remove radioactive particles.  If you choose to use it to detoxify internally always use it in natural powdered form and not in liquid form.  If you want an external deep skin cleanse use a gentle soap with zeolite.

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OR Natural Skin Care Solutions. Laguna, NSW Australia.  61-02-4998-8359*

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