Handmade Olive Oil Soaps

Regular cleansing is essential for healthy skin.  An important skin benefit is the removal of dirt, oil and other unwanted debris, including bacteria, pollutants and dead skin cells.  Cleansing your skin gives a it fresh look and enables skin care products to penetrate the skin effectively.

Most hard bar and liquid soaps are made from fats/oils and many contain surfactants.  The oils can range from petroleum, animal, palm or other vegetable oils and they all have a different effect on the skin.  Synthetic ingredients are widely used in cleansing products and can cause conditions ranging from mild skin irritations to cancer.  Non-soap products are made of synthetic materials.

Most people like to have a scent in their cleansing agent, unfortunately most scents are synthetic fragrances and these can have a number of negative effects on your health, ranging from asthma and headaches to cancer.  If however you like scents in your cleansing agent choose one with a natural essential oil.


If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or are just concerned about what you use on your skin choose a soap that is made from olive oil.  Natural olive oil soap, also known as 'Castile', has been around for a thousand years and was originally the preserve of Royalty, and those that could afford it.

Handmade olive oil soap is one of the best soaps for babies, as it is the mildest soap and suitable for the most sensitive skin conditions.  Olive oil soap is also ideal for those who prefer to wash their face using a gentle soap.

Olive oil soap has a unique property that cleans and moisturises without aggravating the skin.  Soaps made of palm oil, vegetable and petroleum based oils are far more drying on the skin.  

Every bar of soap is handmade from olives grown in the Hunter Valley.  The traditional “cold process” and ‘triple mill” methods are used to make each bar.  The result is a gentle, luxurious, natural handmade soap, ideal for sensitive and dry skin!  It gently cleans and moisturises the the same time.  Once tried you will not want any other!

Eczema sufferers have found natural goats’ milk soap to be beneficial.  To make goat milk soap it is still necessary to have a fat/oil mix as a base.  Manufactures use various oils to make their version of goat milk soap but they are not all the same.

Sadly soap labelling is not as rigorous as in the cosmetic industry and most commercial soap labelled as olive oil soap, may have very low olive oil content; the balance of the oil being palm oil.  Many goat milk soaps are made with milk powder, these are usually white, and the powder does not provide the same benefits.  Natural handmade fresh goat milk soap is always a pale gold colour.  Remember if a soap is machine made it will be palm oil soap.

The first step in caring for your skin is to read the ingredient list of your cleansing agent.

Get to know what you are rubbing over your body. See 'Step 5'.  Remember, what your skin comes in contact with can be absorbed into your body.

Our cleansing products do not contain palm oil, sodium laurel sulphates, artificial colours or artificial ‘fragrances’!

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 There are five vegan varieties in OR Natural's range of soaps to choose from:
Unscented Olive Oil Soap with Hemp Seed Oil
Olive Oil Soap with Rose Geranium essential oil 
Olive Oil Soap with Lavender essential oil 
Olive Oil Soap with Lemon Myrtle essential oil 
Olive Oil Soap with Zeolite  
Natural Foaming Liquid Soap
Soap Refill - 500 mils 
Natural Liquid Soap: foaming dispenser & refill combination 
One Non-Vegan - Handmade Olive Oil Soap
 Handmade Olive Oil Soap with Fresh Goat's’ Milk (Non-Vegan) 
Natural Exfoliating Powder - 20 grams
Natural Exfoliating Powder - 130 grams
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